The Good Hour – Lush Spa

I experienced The Good Hour over at Lush Leeds Spa. Check out my experience and let me tempt you into treating yourself. What's stopping you?

Offbeat Brunches: Birdhouse Tea Company – Sheffield

Time for Offbeat Brunches Number 3, this time we ventured to Birdhouse Tea Company. Check it out for some serious foodie inspiration.

The Student Stress Buster – Boxing

Need some serious stress busting activity, well here at Sheffield Hallam Student Hubs why not try some boxing? Learn all about my experience right here.

Offbeat Brunches: The Holt – Sheffield

Hello you lovely people, I have previously blogged all about my love of brunches and for some reason I have had a serious lack of spreading this love to you all. However if you do fancy checking out something I have previously written click the link below. Best Brunch Spots in York As I am … Continue reading Offbeat Brunches: The Holt – Sheffield

Why you should Treat Yourself

Happy Tuesday Everyone, I hope your week has started out on a positive note.  Well one perfect way to remain positive is to understand it's perfectly okay to treat yourself. Remember that jacket that you keep trying on but not buying or that favourite meal you're craving but 'you're supposed to be dieting'. If you are feeling … Continue reading Why you should Treat Yourself

The truth about long distance relationships

Hello everyone, Happy February! As this post is released on the 3rd February it marks Phil and I's 4 year anniversary. That is a rather long time to be together and I am super proud of us. Each year brings us new challenges and opportunities and 2018 is going to be the most exciting year … Continue reading The truth about long distance relationships

R1SE Hot Yoga – Sheffield

Hello guys and Happy Monday, I thought I'd start my week by being very productive, no more Monday Blues for me. As i'm taking part in RED January, I'm varying up my exercise that I'm doing to keep myself motivated. I have previously written about my experience at Hot Yoga back in York over at … Continue reading R1SE Hot Yoga – Sheffield

Dark Tourism – When does it cross the line?

As some of you may know I am a Tourism student at Sheffield Hallam, I'm in my final year currently and I'm learning some really interesting topics. One of the topics that we have discussed is the concept of Dark Tourism. For those of you who don't know this term it is known as tourists … Continue reading Dark Tourism – When does it cross the line?

Placements: Are they worth it?

Happy 2018 guys! I have good feelings about this year and just like my placement year I want to take every opportunity that comes at me. I want to make this year the best one yet. As a part of this blog I really want to give you all insight into my life and hope … Continue reading Placements: Are they worth it?

My 1st Tattoo

Well...we are a week into January and I've already achieved a huge goal of mine. I've got my first tattoo!! I have never been so excited to start the new year by doing something i've wanted to do for a long time. I documented the whole experience...well I say I did, my flatmate sat supporting … Continue reading My 1st Tattoo

My Goals for 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! I was very lucky to ring in the new year with some great friends. It also meant that me and my boyfriend will be going into our 4th year of being together (awwww). There are so many things happening in 2018 and I want to document as much as possible. On … Continue reading My Goals for 2018

Starting my R.E.D Journey

Good Evening Everyone, Happy New Year! I previously wrote about taking part in R.E.D and the reasons why I wanted to do it: Check it out here I've always wanted to be a runner and one of my lovely childhood friends told me she was taking part and encouraged me to join her so I … Continue reading Starting my R.E.D Journey

What I’m Grateful for in 2017

Good Evening guys, I hope you all had an amazing break with your loved ones. I spent mine back home in York with my family and friends but now I'm back in Sheffield for a couple of days to work and then I'm heading back for New Years. It was amazing being back home seeing … Continue reading What I’m Grateful for in 2017

My Travel Review for 2017

I can't believe we are almost at the end of 2017! I have had such a wonderful year including my first fully planned trip for me and my boyfriend. I will be finishing university next year and trust me, I will have plenty more holidays and weekends away planned. Let's have a look back at … Continue reading My Travel Review for 2017

To The Bone: Let’s Talk About it

Good Afternoon guys, It is my last week at university before coming home for Christmas. My flatmate went home on Sunday evening so it is just me all alone... It has encouraged me to watch some shows and movies that I have been meaning to watch for a long time including The Crown and Feud. … Continue reading To The Bone: Let’s Talk About it

Why I’m Taking Part in R.E.D

Good Evening guys, We are reaching ever closer to Christmas and I have handed in my coursework for this term. It feels great but the work does not stop as I have 2 deadlines in January and I'm working right up to Christmas Eve I'm not celebrating Christmas just yet. I'll be hopping on my … Continue reading Why I’m Taking Part in R.E.D

Why you should pamper yourself!

Good Evening, As you can tell there is a little bit of a theme going in with my blog at the moment. I hope you don't mind me steering a way a little bit from travel (but don't worry there's plenty more to come). I have been focusing a lot lately on pampering yourself and … Continue reading Why you should pamper yourself!

How to Spend the Perfect Sunday in: Sheffield

Happy Monday Everyone, Time is certainly flying by being at university. I am absolutely loving it, despite the stresses but out of all my years this has been the best so far. I think due to my blogging I have really been trying to do so many different things to get inspiration. I also as … Continue reading How to Spend the Perfect Sunday in: Sheffield

Loci Pay: The exciting new app coming to Sheffield

Happy November Everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed a fun bonfire night yesterday. I am so happy to introduce this wonderful new app to you all. Ever since coming back to Sheffield in September I have been seeking out new, exciting blogging opportunities. The Tab Sheffield shared an interesting post about a new app … Continue reading Loci Pay: The exciting new app coming to Sheffield

My tips to ace the Lush Recruitment

Hello guys, I have some very exciting news. Since coming back to Sheffield I have been seeking out a little job to keep me going money wise and keep me busy away from thinking about coursework 24/7. I unfortunately just missed the last Lush Recruitment Evening at the end of September but I kept my … Continue reading My tips to ace the Lush Recruitment

The Cayman Islands: Inside Scoop

Hello guys, I am doing something a little bit different with this post as a friend of mine has recently returned from the Cayman Islands and as I can't see myself going anytime soon as I'm at university then I thought why not share his thoughts? He was on the same course as my boyfriend … Continue reading The Cayman Islands: Inside Scoop

Peddler Night Market

Good Evening guys, I am officially in my final year of university. It feels strange to be back but I am definitely settled in my cute little flat with my flatmate. As i'm back in Sheffield I really want to try new things and get to know Sheffield a little better as I spend my … Continue reading Peddler Night Market

Breast Cancer Awareness

Good Morning, As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October I thought this was a really important post to write. 1 in 8 women can be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes making it one the most common types of cancer. The important thing about this month is that its a worldwide awareness … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Good Evening guys, As it is World Mental Health Awareness day I thought this was a great opportunity to share my feelings and how I stay mentally healthy. We live in a day and age where we are constantly surrounded by negativity and it is extremely difficult to stay positive on some days with the … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

How to: The Alternative Weekend in London

Good Afternoon, I thought I would share with you a handy little guide on how to spend a weekend in London with a difference. I have shared some tips previously for how you can spend a Harry Potter weekend in London. Go and check that out it is a pretty fun post: How to: The Harry … Continue reading How to: The Alternative Weekend in London

Origins x Sweaty Betty Event

Good Evening guys, What better way to spend my day off yesterday than at an event in York? This time I was lucky to get a place at the Origins x Sweaty Betty York Event. The incredible Alex over at Origins was so kind to let me have a place at this event and is … Continue reading Origins x Sweaty Betty Event

Valhalla York: Review

Hello guys, I am super excited to be writing this review for you. I have previously written about my home city and its history of Vikings: Get ready for the Vikings… I mentioned how it is normal just to see people dressed like Vikings wandering the streets of York. Now some very clever men have opened … Continue reading Valhalla York: Review

Pop Brixton – Why York will love Spark:York

Good Evening guys, I am gradually more and more prepared to go back to University and I have shed loads of posts to be getting up and scheduled. I've been reflecting back on my summer and the holidays I've had this year so far. Most recently going down to London for a long weekend with … Continue reading Pop Brixton – Why York will love Spark:York

The WB Studio Tour Experience

Good Evening guys, It is time for me to share with you my amazing experience at Harry Potter Studios, Leavesden. I have been wanting to go for years and as my boyfriend turned 21 and graduated this year it seemed like a great excuse. I booked us both tickets to go the week after his … Continue reading The WB Studio Tour Experience

Origins York: Launch Event

Good Evening guys, How very exciting, I attended my first 'blogging event' hosted by Em Sheldon on Tuesday night. Em Sheldon is a multi-award winning blogger with her marvelous blog 'Emtalks'. Her blog is my ultimate goal, it is so well laid out and she gives great advice from anything from fitness to fashion. She … Continue reading Origins York: Launch Event

Hot Yoga Review!

Hello guys, I know this post isn't necessarily travel related but it is all about helping you relax your mind & body, just like a holiday does. I have been on a journey recently trying to train myself into becoming healthier and more fit. As I will be going into my last year of University … Continue reading Hot Yoga Review!

The Yorkshire Guide: Knaresborough

Ey' up! I feel very lucky that I live in Yorkshire, I definitely take it for granted though. I live in York which is a beautiful and very popular city but I very rarely venture outside of it. When we have our very rare, beautiful sunny days, that is when I always try and explore … Continue reading The Yorkshire Guide: Knaresborough

How to: The Harry Potter Weekend

Greetings fellow Book-it-Listers, I have recently returned from a rather magical weekend in London with my boyfriend. As a treat I booked us in at an Air BnB and tickets to the Harry Potter Studios for his graduation/21st birthday. We stayed at an Air BnB in Brixton with a lovely family. They mentioned how many … Continue reading How to: The Harry Potter Weekend

Learn about me – My Ninja Childhood

Good Evening guys, As a new part of my blog I really wanted to let you guys know a little more about me. It helps to create a better picture of the person's blog you are reading and creates that more personal touch. I also hope you find these posts interesting as well as I … Continue reading Learn about me – My Ninja Childhood

Love Island IRL?

Hello guys, I know I am catering to a rather large audience with this post but I am going to get one thing out of the way first. I don't watch Love Island.  I know I don't know how this is possible as it has literally dominated my Facebook and Twitter feed for weeks now. … Continue reading Love Island IRL?

Unusual Accommodation: Part 3

Happy Friday Everyone! We are being blessed here in Yorkshire with some incredible weather and I thought I would share one of my most favourite posts to write about with you. I have done two of these posts previously and I just love seeing the variety of experiences that we can have when booking trips … Continue reading Unusual Accommodation: Part 3

Learn more about me – Rhianna

Good Evening Book-it-Listers, I thought I would do a post with a difference, I have realised that I don't really talk about me and who I am. I think it's super essential when I am blogging for you amazing people who follow what I do to actually know who I am. My name is Rhianna … Continue reading Learn more about me – Rhianna

Game of Thrones in Real Life!

Good Evening guys, Spoiler alert this is a post all about Game of Thrones with several snippets of iconic scenes so if you have not watched it first of all SHAME and second of all I have warned you there are spoilers! Tonight is a very exciting evening for many of us as Game of … Continue reading Game of Thrones in Real Life!

The Tourism Dilemma: Venice

Hello Book it Listers, This blog post is going to be about something a little bit different. Now we all appreciate how incredible the opportunity to be able to travel the world is don't we? Do we think about what a mass amount of tourists can have on some of our most favourite city break … Continue reading The Tourism Dilemma: Venice

Don’t just sit there…Row Venice for yourself!

Buongiorno book-it-listers! Another chapter from my amazing trip to Venice and I just had to share this with you. Whenever you picture Venice I know myself and many of you will visualise the Gondola rides. These iconic modes of transport used to be the ways that the rich and famous would get around Venice, like … Continue reading Don’t just sit there…Row Venice for yourself!

The Air BnB Experience

Hello everyone, This is one of many posts to come about my trip to Venice. I thought that this post would be really helpful for those of you out there who have thought about booking an Air BnB but have always been a bit unsure. I was always quite conspicuous about staying at an Air … Continue reading The Air BnB Experience

The Bistro Guy: Review

Merry Friday Everyone, As we all celebrate the Friday feeling we may need some good hearty food over the weekend and I ventured outside my regular food outlets. I absolutely love brunch spots and in my home city of York we are blessed to have many incredible places to choose from. If you haven't already … Continue reading The Bistro Guy: Review

Top 4 Most Unique Retreats in the World

It is Friday and we all look forward to a relaxing weekend. We live in very stressful times and I think how incredible my parents are and how they could do with a serious retreat. Personally I would just choose something simple maybe a bit of Yoga and sunshine will do me quite nicely. However … Continue reading Top 4 Most Unique Retreats in the World