My Daydream list…

Good Evening,

As I sat here on a cold Yorkshire day I found myself daydreaming about the places I could travel to if money was not a question. If I could easily transport anywhere where would it be?

Working in the Travel and Tourism industry I often get asked the question. If you could travel anywhere where would it be? I can never answer this question easily I normally have a list that I have to go through.

That is what has inspired me to create this list and share it with you guys.

Let us get started shall we, I am going to try and narrow this down to my Top 5 in no particular order otherwise this post could go on for a very long time.

  1. South Korea 

As I sit here listening to a bit of K-Pop I feel a strong pull towards Korea, the culture is so different to what I am used to. I would most likely go in Autumn to see all the bright fall colours (September-November).

I also have a friend who lives in South Korea who came over to study at my secondary school and I have already dropped major hints that I would like to go over and stay.


Bulguksa Temple – Gyeongju

To walk part of the 26 walking routes of the Jeju Olle Trail following the full distance around the island. The shortest route can be completed in three hours and the longest takes up to eight hours. This is a perfect way to see a lot of the island’s culture and landscape…looks like a dream to me.


Jeju Olle Trail, Jeju Island

I would love to walk along the Hwaesong Fortress in Suwon as it reminds me of the Bar walls in York (my hometown). The Hwaesong Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to the 1700’s and stretches a total of 5.52km. Everyday performances and events take place and Suwon is a great city to visit for the day from Seoul as it is located 3okm from Seoul.


Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress

Lastly Korean food looks absolutely incredible and Jeonju is the food capital of Korea and has a mix of both urban and rural aspects of Korean culture. It is also known as the birthplace of bibimbap which is Korea’s most well-known delicacy.


Jeonju-the food capital

I am currently reading a book named The Korean Mind: Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture and it is absolutely fascinating and I will probably do a blog post on the culture of Korea so keep an eye out for that…

2. Canada in the Fall

Voted in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2017, Canada is very high on my list. They are celebrating 150 years of becoming a new federation by signing the Constitution Act on July 1st 1867. Canada is planning a huge celebration for this so if you guys want to have some fun somewhere different…why not go to Canada and join in the celebrations?


(psst… just to let you know the nations capital Ottawa is rumoured to be hosting the biggest Canada Day celebrations ever!!).

Personally for me I would love to go to Canada in the heigh of autumn with the fall colours.  Maybe even stay a bit later in Autumn and take my chance with Polar Bear Sightseeing in Churchill.


Polar Bear Sightseeing, Churchill

It seems to be a major trend nowadays with travel to use your smart phone for photography and dating a photographer I can rely on him to take gorgeous pictures but if he is not there…I can get some pretty good pictures (or if not…i’ll just slap and Instagram filter on it). I feel like a lot of people now want that iconic photo like an Instagram trophy and one of mine is to capture the stunning fall colours around the world especially in Canada.

I would love to wander through the national parks and come across the wildlife that roams Canada. I could visit the Moose at the Matane Wildlife Reserve in Quebec, gaze at the magnificent ‘Grizzly, Black and the elusive Spirit Bears’. I also need to see the Sea Otters either just off Vancouver Island or at Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park because just looking at them online make me want to cry because they are so cute, I mean they hold hands so they don’t float away from each other…


Moose at Matane Wildlife Reserve


Spirit and Black Bears

I think I may even throw a visit to Alaska whilst I am in Canada as Alaska has a very strong appeal to me with all the natural scenery and I may even give dog sledding a little go as that is definitely a once in a lifetime experience (I may even try and plan it so I can see the northern lights).


Alaskan Dog Sledding

For me personally the way to stay in Canada would be in a lodge…in the middle of nowhere waking up the sounds of nature instead of the rush of cars. How about the beautiful Canadian Mountain Lodges set in the heat of the Rockies and they are located close to both Banff and Yoho National Parks? (


Canadian Mountain Lodge

Or if they don’t tickle your fancy why not stay somewhere a little less private at the historical Deer Lodge just minutes away from Lake Louise. It was originally built as a teahouse back in 1923 and became a hotel in 1925 to then be restored in 1985. Plus look at that hot tub it looks like an absolute dream. (


Deer Lodge, Lake Louise, Alberta 


The Hot Tub at Deer Lodge

3. Japan

Visit Japan’s tagline ‘Where Tradition meets the future’ is targeting I 15 European Countries including the UK to aim to increase inbound tourism and I can just say the temptation for me is real! I would love to visit Japan and spend a lot of time there to see both the very traditional side and also the futuristic technology and popular culture. I find Japan so fascinating and there are so many iconic sites that I definitely would like to dedicate a good portion of my time exploring the different areas.

I would love to explore Hokkaido which is the least developed of Japan’s 4 main islands, visiting Sapporo the largest city on the island which is well-know for it’s winter snow festival.



Sapporo Snow Festival

I would also love to wander the hot springs in Hokkaido at Jozankei Onsen and Noboribetsu and see the beautiful trees and feel the fresh air on my skin.



It is honestly so hard for me to pick out where I would like to go as I recently watched Joanna Lumley’s Japan on ITV and that made it so difficult as absolutely everything looked incredible to me.

The food in Japan is right up my alley I am willing to try anything and if it means I just live on Sushi then get me over to Japan right this second. Even just for the simple things such as walking across the world famous Shibuya Crossing, see Mt. Fuji and go shopping in Tokyo.

Again similarly to Korea I would love to spend my time wandering through the temples and immersing myself in the culture. Staying overnight in a Buddhist temple in Mt.Koya looks so amazing and I am more than happy to be get out of my comfort zone and explore other cultures, waking up at crazy times, wearing different clothes, eating different foods in different ways does not intimidate me whatsoever.


Shukubo Temple lodging in Mt.Koya

4. Peru

Just like many of the other destinations I have spoken about, Peru for some reason has a big pull to me and is very high on my travel list. I feel like Lonely Planet & National Geographic are teasing me as recently they are posting many stunning photographs making the travel bug in me go crazy.

Going to Peru and venturing around South America (but especially Peru) I will definitely need my hiking boots. Of course hiking up the most famous archaeological site in the world ‘Machu Picchu’ the ancient Incan citadel set up high in the Andes Mountains. I would definitely visit Machu Picchu in the most immersive way possible and hiking on the Salkantay and Inca Trail going from Cusco and finally ending at Machu Picchu. I know it would be hard work but it is a once in a lifetime experience and doing this is a group of friends would be the most incredible feeling. Of course experiencing the incredible culture and seeing the Llamas feeling like a really am a part of ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ minus the becoming a Llama bit and having Yzma coming after me.


Machu Picchu, Peru



I would love to spend time with the Uros people on the unique floating islands on Lake Titicaca and spending a night in the huts of Isla Khantati as I am definitely up for the ‘less-touristy’ way.



Uros Khantati, Lake Titicaca, Puno

I really want to build on my Spanish and in the future I may take time in my life to venture around South America for a year and build that up and what better to do it than travelling around?

5. Iceland

As most of you have probably seen recently Iceland has become extremely popular and I am more than happy to jump on this bandwagon.

I would love to go to Iceland and relax in the Blue Lagoon despite it being full of tourists it is definitely an experience I would not want to miss as I want to experience the magic for myself. There is also going to be a five star hotel which will be the first in Iceland which will be located west of the spa and a 2nd 5 star hotel is going to be built in downtown Reykjavík which will be a ‘Marriott Edition Reykjavík’. This solely proves how popular Iceland is becoming with these expansions into the luxury market.


Blue Lagoon

Venturing along the fjords and again putting my hiking boots on and walking through endless stunning landscapes feeling fully immersed in the surroundings would be such a blessing and I can just imagine how invigorating that would be. Walking around the Borgarfjörður Eystri and discovering the small village of Bakkagerði which looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairytale and it looks so peaceful sitting along the coastline. On the days when I am sat at home or in the office I can definitely imagine myself walking through these landscapes and knowing that one day I could do this keeps me motivated for my future in travel.


Vatnajoküll National Park


Vatnajoküll Crystal Cave



Lastly in Iceland why not take a road trip through the Tröllaskagi (Troll Peninsula) as you can access Siglufjörður (a small fishing town) and Ólafsfjörður (located at the mouth of Eyjafjörður) through one of the many tunnels and these were once ‘dead-end’ towns. This is also known as part of the ‘Arctic Bow’ and is known to be the slightly less touristy area and is definitely a route I would love to take.

Iceland, July  2013; Latrabjarg and Flatey Is.




This has to be one of the hardest posts I have done as it was super difficult to narrow down information as it is safe to say there is not really a place I do not wish to travel to. I have a saying and a life goal for myself that if I can physically get somewhere then I will go I have the typical thought of wanting to travel to every place in the world but at the same time I want to immerse myself in the culture and learn about different ways of life all around the world.

I will most probably do a part 2 of this as my list is endless.  I would love to see what your daydream list is you could even leave it in the comments or create your own blog post inspired by this one?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it has just made my eagerness to travel even more fired up.

Thanks for reading and Goodnight,




2 thoughts on “My Daydream list…

  1. I have been to all of them except South Korea. Not yet, but it’s on my list.

    Your list is a wonderful list with stunning destinations.
    I was in Peru and Japan last year, both fascinating in their way. I wrote about Peru and Japan will be one of my next few posts coming up.

    I hope you get to go to some of those destinations. They are a dream come true.


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