Top 4 Most Unique Retreats in the World

It is Friday and we all look forward to a relaxing weekend. We live in very stressful times and I think how incredible my parents are and how they could do with a serious retreat. Personally I would just choose something simple maybe a bit of Yoga and sunshine will do me quite nicely. However my parents are the most incredible, hard-working, caring people I know and they deserve some hardcore relaxation, nowadays we have so many different retreats popping up for just about anyone.

The word Retreat is all about withdrawing yourself from a difficult situation and in this case I would understand it to be all about withdrawing yourself from the everyday stresses of the working environment. Nowadays we can not seem to escape the trance of endlessly scrolling through our Facebook and Instagram. We are hit with stress by watching the news with either another terrible incident or politics filling our minds.

I find holidays to be the way to completely escape from this stress and I can imagine you all agree? Holidays are all about having time for yourself and re-charging your batteries. There are some seriously unique retreats out there for just about anyone. I thought I would share these with you as they might just tickle your fancy, some a little more unique than others…

  1. The Silent Retreat 

No matter what job you work in sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet to put your mind at rest. Now I bring you one of the newer trends in the tourism industry and that is ‘Silent Retreats’. These Silent retreats are all about shutting off as we are all swamped by social media and stress so these retreats help you to really tune into yourself.

The likes of Emma Watson have been on a Silent Retreat after having a terrible break-up in order to relax and found it a way to be able to understand how to spend more time being independent.

There are several popping up all over the world including the Shambhala Mountain Centre in Colorado offering a 7-night mindfulness retreat to include meditation practise and even mindful eating. The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya is located within this retreat and is a great example of Buddhist architecture and symbolises the stages of enlightenmnet.

The Clear Sky Retreat Centre in the Canadian Rockies offers a great programme called ‘Press Reset’ and balances Group Meditation, Karma Yoga & plenty of personal time.

The Clear Sky Retreat mentions how these retreats are for all types of people including those who have lost loved ones, those who have a busy lifestyle and need to relax or you are just willing to learn to be able to switch off you when you need it most but you don’t know how.

Go and check the Shambhala Mountain Centre at:

Go and check the Clear Sky Retreat Centre at:

Clear Sky Retreat, Canada Rockies
Shambhala Mountain Centre, Colorado








2. The Marijuana Retreat 

This very unique retreat has opened up in Ojai, California. It is the brainchild of Sari Gabbay as she wants this retreat to help people realise their potential. It is a 5-day retreat and includes yoga, meditation, hiking and they help you to learn the benefits of cannabis, cacao, kava kava and other sacred plants. You even have ‘Gourmet cannabis infused meals’ and have ‘Psychedelic black light yoga’.

They are currently going to be running the 1st retreat on June 22nd-26th 2017. Sari mentions how she believes Cannabis is a mood enhancing & mind expanding plant medicine and to mix this with the relaxation of yoga makes her idea sound rather clever.

The prices for this retreat starts from approximately £778 for a space in a shared tent and you have the choice to join just for the day or do the full experience. It is a purely unique experience and if you want a retreat with a difference then ‘Cannabliss’ is definitely the one.

Go and check it out:

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 20.49.21Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 20.49.27









3. The Sleep Retreat 

These retreats I think nowadays are the most sought after. We all have such busy lifestyles nowadays and with so many stresses, sometimes even sleep doesn’t help relax us.

The Sleep retreat was opened in Southampton by a gentleman who suffered from Insomnia for 25 years. He ended up going to the Sleep Unit at Guy’s and Thomas’s Hospital in London and his eyes were opened to the research to help insomnia. He then opened this retreat and they combine 4 parts to their programmes which include ‘Clinical, Wellness, Nutritional & Social’. These also include activities and a menu that is designed to get your mind in the right place ready for sleep.

The retreat is set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and you can take walks to help you relax. They talk about changing your sleep for good and I think it such a fantastic idea and a wonderful treat for those busy people who really need to relax and this retreat will be better than any holiday they can wish for.

Go and check it out:







4. The Laughter Retreat

Out of all these retreats I think this is my favourite one. I know we all need sleep and a moment of silence to help relax. Although I think we find ourselves to be the most relaxed when we are having a laugh and this retreat is exactly that.

The wonderful Jo Bluett has gone through some struggles in her life but attending a laughter workshop completely changed her life. She then set up the Edinburgh Laughter Club in 2010 developing this into her own business ‘Laughter for Health’ in 2012. She has even received funding from the NHS which helps to offer free places to carers in Edinburgh to the Laughter Club project. It is funding like this that is extremely important and quite close to my heart.

In 2016 this incredible workshop and laughter club developed into the ‘Laughter Cleanse Retreat’. Jo teamed up with Claire Beecroft an expert in holistic therapy and an owner of a successful raw-vegan cafe in Edinburgh. This retreat first opened in June 2016 and they are running 4 retreats a year in 2017 these are February, April, June and September and run for a full week. The retreat is based in a 6 bedroom villa set in the heart of Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia in Spain.

Prices are starting from £1,100 per person per week in September or if you book before 11th June they have an early bird discount for £900. You will need to supply your own flights and sort transfers but it sounds like so much fun and if you get a group of your friends together it would probably be the best week you can treat yourself to for both your mind and body. With a mixture of daily laughter yoga sessions and a routine to help cleanse and detox you body…it sounds like my cup of healthy green tea!

Go and check it out:

These are by far my favourite posts to do by finding these incredible places all over the world. I know these retreats sometimes can be quite expensive but for those who need it, the investment would be well worth it, we can spend money on designer handbags & high heels but to invest in our mental heath and well-being is the better priority.

I really hope you liked the post and if there are any other unique places you would like me to mention or new experiences then let me know!

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Thank you so much for reading and have a relaxing weekend!







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