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Good Evening Book-it-Listers,

I thought I would do a post with a difference, I have realised that I don’t really talk about me and who I am. I think it’s super essential when I am blogging for you amazing people who follow what I do to actually know who I am.

My name is Rhianna Coote, I am 21 years old and I have recently fallen in love with this whole blogging malarky. I love to share things that I enjoy with other people and even though I have a small following I would love for this to grow and even just the 1 comment that people love my posts makes me feel so amazing.

Me Rowing in Venice – P.R.Barker Photography 

I am the kind of person that gets so many feels when I so them cheesy travel quotes. I get so much inspiration from them and that is one reason why I started this blog.

Why the Book-it-List? 

The name is completely random. This blog started by being called ‘Vogue & Video Games’ just as a pretty general blog site, but then with my love of travel I knew I had to change it. I was on the way home from work one day and it suddenly came into my head.

It is probably not completely unique but my entire bucket list of life is full of destinations that I have to travel to. So instead I turned this into ‘The Book-it-List’ for places I need to get booked during my lifetime.


We are given this incredible opportunity to be able to travel and although it may seem expensive if we truly wish to travel we can do it, there are so many ways! We are extremely lucky and although I have not travelled a large amount, I know I can do it and I will see the world no matter how I do it.


What made me fall in love with a career in travel? 

I started studying Travel & Tourism at College I originally chose the course for the hospitality side but fell in love learning about destinations and travel law.

I enjoyed it so much I got the highest grade possible and was advised onto University. I chose Sheffield Hallam University as my top choice and I got into it! I am now currently about to go into my 4th and final year. I have met some incredible people on the way and truly found a passion for what I do.

I have just completed my placement year at Great Rail Journeys in my home city of York. It has helped me to decide that I would love to become a Product Manager in the future, helping to contact and put holidays together.

I think growing up in such a beautiful and well-loved city has helped with this love of travel as everyone who comes to York absolutely adores it. If you haven’t been to York you should come (let me know if you fancy a post about my lovely home city).

My fondest memories from my childhood is my 2 week summer holiday with my Mum, Dad and Sister. My sister is disabled and I think deep down just seeing how much

she absolutely loves our summer holidays full of sunshine helps us all to relax and take time for ourselves is the main reason my career in travel is so important to me.

I also remember a close friend of mine said how she used to get jealous every year we started back at school as I had been on holiday and had an incredible tan. I also just had to get those tight braided ‘corn rows’ with colourful bands which made her even more jealous. If I am asked for my fondest memories these are definitely on the top of the list.


Embarrassing myself of course, but this is a photo of me from one of our wonderful holidays where I was going around and selling invisible fruit to the fellow holidaymakers. There was a guy that used to come and sell pineapple and other fruits so I copied but just teased everyone…I knew I would work in the travel industry some way or another.


As I will be going back in September to complete my Degree in Tourism Management, I am vowing to myself to keep these blog posts going strong.

It would be great to hear what you would like to see on this blog.

I am feeling like giving some advice whether this be travel related or even being a student. I am completely open to ideas, I will be releasing a post about my placement experience and giving some tips to those who are looking at doing one. I think I have some really valuable experience and advice to give to those who are unsure whether a placement is worth it (Spoiler alert: it really is)!


I hope you enjoyed this post because I enjoyed writing it, let me know what else you would like to know about me and what else you would like to see!

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If you haven’t already go and check out my previous post all about GOT filming locations all ready for the S7 Premiere: Game of Thrones in Real Life!

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Thank you so much for reading,



3 thoughts on “Learn more about me – Rhianna

  1. Thanks a ton for writing this awesome article.
    I’m a crazy follower of Game of Thrones.
    I’ve been watching it since it came. It feels amazing watching it, isn’t
    it ? You just can’t expect what’s gonna happen next.
    You can’t tell for sure about your favourite character being alive for the next episode.
    And talk about the graphic violence! Man it’s just unbelievable.

    My favourite character is Tyrion Lannister.

    I really liked your site and will definitely share this on my Instagram.

    Thanks a ton for a great post.


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