Learn about me – My Ninja Childhood

Good Evening guys,

As a new part of my blog I really wanted to let you guys know a little more about me. It helps to create a better picture of the person’s blog you are reading and creates that more personal touch. I also hope you find these posts interesting as well as I love being nosey and knowing about people’s lives.

I, like I suppose many people was a bit of a nervous and shy child. I used to cry at just about anything and I really wasn’t that confident. I think this became particularly evident in primary school. My dad had been doing a martial arts class for years and one day invited me along.

I loved it I was welcomed by people of all ages, shapes and sizes coming together and learning a wonderful martial art known as Choi Kwang Do.

What is Choi Kwang Do?

It is a martial art which was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi and was established in 1987. It is all about providing and teaching a non-violent way of self-defence. It teaches an attitude called ‘Pil Sung’ it teaches us not to initiate violence but to rise to challenges if they appear which in the end will help us to develop.

This taught me the very special lesson to not initiate fights just because I know how to punch, kick and block attacks. It taught me instead should someone try and fight either myself or a loved one I can then stop this fight to help the situation settle down.

At the start of each lesson we would start with the pledge to help us re-instate what it is that we are learning from taking in part in Choi Kwang Do.

The Pledge: 

  • To set positive goals and strive to achieve them.
  • To apply self-discipline to further my personal development.
  • To stand for justice and honor my word.
  • To promote friendly relationships among all people.
  • To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner.

As you can see reciting this pledge helped me to learn some truly great lessons and not just how to defend myself.

The Fitness: 

I did two classes a week every Tuesday & Thursday from when I was around 6/7 until I was 18. The only reason I had to stop attending my classes were that I moved to Sheffield for university. I did find a Kung Fu class in my 1st year which I attended with my friend but it just wasn’t the same so I attended a Legs, Bums + Tums and a Zumba class instead.

I learned how to block, kick and punch in different combinations with different techniques. The way the classes work is that you start off with a white belt, you learn a combination of moves and then after a few months we have a grading where if all goes well we move up to the next belt.

It goes White-Yellow-Orange-Green-Blue-Purple-Purple Black-Red-Red Black-Brown-Brown White-Brown Black-Black. Once you reach Black Belt you then go into Dans which are gold stripes on your belt.

I got my black belt around Christmas 2008 and furthered this with 2 gold stripes. That is one big achievement that I have done and I thank my dad and everyone at my martial arts class for the support and keeping me going. Learning all these different combinations can be tough but it is a little like riding a bike it turns into a natural flow of movements that you will probably never forget.

Learn more about this wonderful martial art for yourself: click here

I am totally going to regret showing these pictures but I worked hard for these achievements:

Co-ordinated the headband with my Red Belt (Me on the Left). 
I got my Black Belt!!

What have the benefits been to my life? 

  • My confidence definitely sky-rocketed, I got to attend this class twice a week and see a completely different group of people that I would probably never had met if I hadn’t attended this class.
  • By attending these classes for so many years I really jumped into opportunities to educate others. I taught a couple of classes to everyone combining training with focus mitts, using the shields & practising the belt combinations.
  • My main achievement despite my black belt, would be teaching the young children how to defend themselves and helping grow their confidence just like how I grew mine! It helped me prove to myself that I can turn my passion into something I can pass onto others; that is maybe a reason why I starting blogging.

The last great benefit is you know those cringey icebreakers where you have to tell your class or a group of colleagues an interesting fact about yourself. I always use this one as in person I am not exactly energetic and extremely outgoing so when I say a have a black belt in self defence people are generally surprised.

If you guys have seen a self-defence or martial arts class in your neighbourhood go and check it out! It is a really great stress-release being able to punch some focus mitts and practise your techniques on shields.

For those stressed-out students or mums that need to let off some steam I urge you to go and find a class near you!

I am really happy that I attended this class for so many years as it shaped my childhood and who I am today.

Thank you Dad for taking me all these years and for our carpool karaoke sessions way before James Corden started his!

I hope you really enjoyed this post and learning more about me & I hope it has encouraged you to get rid of that lack of confidence and relieve some stress by learning important lessons on how to defend yourself. You never know it may come in handy one day and it is a really reassuring feeling to have to know you could get yourself out of a frightening situation should it occur!

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