Valhalla York: Review

Hello guys,

I am super excited to be writing this review for you. I have previously written about my home city and its history of Vikings: Get ready for the Vikings…

I mentioned how it is normal just to see people dressed like Vikings wandering the streets of York. Now some very clever men have opened a Viking themed pub just around the corner from the famous Shambles.

I can’t believe no-one has thought of opening a Viking themed pub before and i’m kind of jealous I didn’t think of it myself! These clever men are Vincent Roberts and Matthew Bedingham who are childhood friends and business partners who have opening up Valhalla (named after the Norse mythology as the Hall of the Slain – where the dead can enjoy many drinks and food before the future events of Ragnarök + the great battle ahead)!

Amazingly according to historians the sight where the pub is built on Patrick Pool has the potential to have been a sight for a Viking drinking hall in the past. It seems like it was just meant to be.

The pub opened to the public on September 7th and I made it my goal to get there on opening night. I told my friends and I went out for dinner with a close friend of mine and then met a couple of friends from work and we went into the pub together.


The immediate feel I got was the incredible amount of work they have done to make this feel like a genuine viking pub. With oak benches, candles in the windows & fake skulls carefully placed around the room. As soon as you come through the doors there is a lovely little window peeking into the pub and you walk over a glass panel which looks like there are genuine viking remains underneath.

Image from @YorkMix

It was pretty busy on the opening night which of course is absolutely amazing. It was packed full of people in large groups drinking plenty of beer & mead just how it should be. I cannot imagine how the two owners & fellow staff must feel seeing the incredible turnout of people. This is only to continue as this place fits York’s viking jigsaw puzzle perfectly.

The atmosphere inside is so cosy and friendly that I can imagine in those cold winter months it will become one of my favourite go-to places.


I am already recommending it to all of my friends + family and now to anyone reading this that may be coming to York this is now on your to-do list!

As a part of your experience at Valhalla I order you to drink your beverages in the horns they make available to you. All you need to do is pop a £10 note behind the bar as deposit and you can order as many drinks as you desire and they can put it in the horn. Once you’ve finished drinking give them the horn back and you get your £10 note. It makes complete sense as fingers crossed it will stop them all going missing and why would you not want to drink out of a horn?

It also leads to quite funny jokes with strangers as I sat down at a table with my horn of mead and another girl said to me ‘aww your horn is so much bigger than mine’. Slight innuendos occurring over drinks is hilarious and I was quite sad to give my horn back as I felt rather powerful walking around the pub with a horn full of delicious mead.


The prices are really reasonable at the pub which for a new opening is even more of a reason to get there. They have craft ales including their very own Valhalla IPA made by the local Yorkshire Heart Brewery  & Original Lindisfarne Mead. They also have their own brew of coffee which I will definitely have to go in and try. (Oh also if you aren’t fans of beer then there are plenty of wines to choose from).

They will also be serving food in forms of platters named after the Viking Gods/Goddesses: THÓR, HÉL, NJORD, SIF & ODIN & also some lovely local snacks + sides. (Check out the Food Menu it looks delicious I can’t wait to try it).

It is a wonderful pub and I just know it is going to be successful and I will be there as much as I can especially when I come home for Christmas from University.

It is a great place to go with close friends and family and just have a laugh in a local pub and why not try something different by tasting the local ales or mead in horns? Just don’t be getting into any fights with who gets the biggest horn because it’s all about the contents (excuse the innuendos).

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Cheers to that (or shall I say Skol)! 

P.S if you are reading this on Friday as I’ve posted it and you live or are visiting York here is your inspiration to celebrate the weekend with some drinks, can’t go wrong with that? Show your support on their first weekend! 


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