My tips to ace the Lush Recruitment

Hello guys,

I have some very exciting news. Since coming back to Sheffield I have been seeking out a little job to keep me going money wise and keep me busy away from thinking about coursework 24/7. I unfortunately just missed the last Lush Recruitment Evening at the end of September but I kept my eyes peeled and last week I saw they had put the sign back up.

I then made sure I had my cover letter and ID sorted out so I could make the evening.

I have been a massive fan of Lush for so many years now and anyone that knows me will know that whenever they need to find me a present Lush is the go-to place. I also find it the perfect place to find gifts for my friends and family.

As I left my placement I wanted to get my mentor a gift and instead of getting her something very plain and boring I made her up a Lush Pamper Box myself. I included some of my favourite products including a ‘Scrubee‘ a decadent yet very cute body butter/scrub bar.

Before I attended the recruitment evening I did some browsing over the Lush website for some essential information and also find some blog posts giving tips on what to do at the Recruitment Evening. I thought doing my own would be very helpful even if you aren’t going to a Lush Recruitment but you can transfer the skills and tips I give in this post to whatever job you are going for.


When I arrived there were people waiting outside obviously ready for the recruitment evening. So I went up to a group of people and started talking and everyone was so nice.  My tip would be to get talking to people at the start as it will help you feel more relaxed and ill help you with the recruitment evening later on…

Once we got in we had an introduction and we were told what we would be doing on the evening. They explained that we would be shown 2 demonstrations, we would then pair up with someone we did not know and ask them some open questions to choose a product from the store for them.

The Demos:

We were shown firstly how to make a bath cocktail including: The Bath Bomb, The Bath Melt & The Bubble Bar. We had a wonderful mixture of the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, the Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar & then the Dreamtime Bath Oil.

We then went onto a more hands-on demonstration where we got to demonstrate a Scrub, a Shower Gel & then a Moisturiser. When I did my demonstration I used the Rub Rub Scrub, The Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel finishing off with the Ro’s Argan Body Lotion.

It was really good to get hands on and do a demo in the recruitment evening as it sets you up to be more confident if you get a trial shift.


I paired up with Charlie a guy that I spoke to outside. We got talking and we started off by asking each other about the hobbies that we have. He is a guitarist and said that he got sore dry hands so we knew immediately that he wanted a nice moisturiser. I then was slightly cheeky and thought why not throw in a hand scrub called Salted Coconut  and then noticed that he really liked the scent of the Twilight and ended up getting a body lotion for him as well called Sleepy which has a similar scent with the lavender oil.


I kept hold of the products that I picked up as we were requested to. I then waited and was the last person to go in for my 1-1 and I was asked why I picked up the products. They also asked questions like ‘How have I worked in a team’ and then ‘Tell me something unique about yourself.’

It went really well and I left the recruitment evening having selected a day for a trial shift.

Today I had my trial shift and I thought I would share some of my top tips that I hope will come in handy for any of you going in for one too or something similar:

Here are some of my top tips for the trial shift: 

  • Be Yourself – just act natural and act casual just go up to people and be calm as if you’re chatting to your friends if you are calm and friendly people will reciprocate that right back to you.
  • Don’t Panic – You may be asked to do some demonstrations during your trial shift to help show off how you can deal with customers and use the products. Do not panic, it is fun I love using lush products on myself so showing other people may have been slightly scary at first but I love all the products and it is so much fun.
  • Keep Smiling – The lady that was helping me out on the day and gave me my introduction gave a really handy tip as to just keep on smiling as it helps to calm your own nerves but also makes more people want to come up to you as well.
  • Nerves are Natural – We all get nervous when we have interviews or encounter new experiences just try to keep calm and if you truly are excited about the job then you will be absolutely fine just push through the nerves.
  • Push Yourself – My last bit of advice is with any job you may have to get out of your comfort zones but I personally want to improve my sales skills and this job is perfect for that. I work best when I push myself to do new things and just from the recruitment evening and the trial shift I already feel so much more confident.

I hope you find this advice helpful and these tips definitely worked for me as…I am now currently A Temporary Sales Assistant for Lush and I could not be happier! 

I left Lush today with my very own apron covered in glitter smelling heavenly so I look forward to my future shifts and experiencing even more of the Lush Products with the public. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that my advice may come in handy at some point in the near future for you.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other blog posts you would like to see then leave them in the comments I would love to hear from you.

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Thank you so much for reading.

(A very glitter covered and delicious smelling…)Rhianna


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