An Interview with me: Bookitblogger

Good Evening guys,

I have a very exciting little bit of information for you all.

My Module leader Adele here at Sheffield Hallam University has been so supportive with my blog that I actually went into one of her seminars to the 2nd years and spoke about my blog a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned what keeps me motivated, why I started blogging and some tips I would give to anyone wanting to start. I was so nervous at first but it felt amazing as everyone was so lovely asking plenty of questions and I was told that I motivated people to start their own blogs.


Ever since I was young I knew I would have a career in travel somehow but I never thought I would make an influence through my writing…

Adele then went onto emailing me to say ‘thank you’ and mentioning how she would love me to do it in the future, now of course as I do not know where I will be at this time next year in regards to a career. She then suggested recording me. I thought ‘why not’ the other students seemed to enjoy me talking about my blog so I just went for it.

I was just expecting it to be Adele and I, with a camera in a classroom but when I met up with her I was also met with two other lovely ladies who were ready to film me. We ended up venturing into the Winter Gardens right in Sheffield City Centre.

I have today just received the video so of course I just had to input it on here:

I felt quite self conscious which I know is very silly of me being recorded but at the same time it made me feel amazing. To have my module leader and staff at Sheffield Hallam praising my blog is an unreal feeling and I am so grateful.

I would love to hear what you guys think of the video as I am very happy with how it has come out, let me know in the comments.

This time last year I was really getting into my blogging and thank you to my lovely boyfriend I have had 2 amazing city breaks to Berlin and Venice. These have really gave me that travel bug and yearning to make tons of travel themed blogs for you all.

Check out some of my personal travel experiences here:

I would love to hear from you if you like the video that has been created, do you find it motivating to get you carrying on with your blogging?

I am so glad that I have kept going with my blog and taken up so many blogging opportunities since I moved back to Sheffield.

Feel free to share this video around if you find it helpful make sure to tag me on Instagram & Twitter @bookitblogger and over on Facebook: The Book it List. 

I want thank you all so much for reading…and watching.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to hear me write about I really want to hear from you! 

Thank you,



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