Starting my R.E.D Journey

Good Evening Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I previously wrote about taking part in R.E.D and the reasons why I wanted to do it: Check it out here

I’ve always wanted to be a runner and one of my lovely childhood friends told me she was taking part and encouraged me to join her so I did, plus I am raising money for MIND an amazing Mental Health Charity here in the UK.

January is the time for ‘January Blues’ and we all go through it after coming out of the most ‘happy time of the year’ as we start fresh with all that money spent at christmas, eating lots and spending too much time with your loved ones with little time for yourself. Mind works incredibly hard to provide free contact for those going through any mental health problem or those who are feeling overwhelmed by stress. If you’d like to help me raise some money and donate head on over to my JustGiving page.

I’ve already raised £60 of my £150 target…let’s see if we can smash it!

Now many of you may see that R.E.D is due to start on the 1st of January but I am slightly delayed on starting.


Well, I celebrated NYE with my boyfriend and his friends in Rugeley and we had an amazing time but ended up driving late back home and I found no time to fit in some exercise (plus…I had a slight hangover). Yesterday, I just kept coming up with excuses as to not go for a run…I just was not in the right mindset.

What Changed? 

I’m part of the RED Facebook Group page and everyone is posting their progress and reasons for joining the fundraising event. I felt really ashamed that I was just picking up excuses and I posted an honest post on the page. My lovely friend who is taking part in RED messaged me and gave me some truly motivating words and I remembered why I and doing it:

  • Raise money and awareness for Mental Health + MIND.
  • To become a better runner, something I’ve always wanted to do.
  • Lose a bit of weight and tone up to increase my body confidence.

How did my 1st run go?

I got all dressed up cosy and warm due to the winds, doubt did go through my mind this morning with the weather but I said ‘No get out there!‘ I put on my absolutely gorgeous Sweaty Betty Power Leggings and headed out on my run.

I downloaded the app: SportsTracker to track where I ran, how long it took and all that fun fitness stuff and it worked really well. It’s free and provides great information to help me keep track of how I am doing.

I really wanted to achieve a 5k for my first run and it was definitely hard work I did have to stop a couple of times but I gave myself goals throughout my run such as running to certain lampposts or to end of the road. It helped me to track how I am doing as it felt good if I crossed that goal and ran further.

I don’t know what the average time is but I know it took me longer than expected but I’m so happy with my start and I can’t wait to see how my fitness level changes.

5k was a good distance for me and in York it is easy to find running routes, I will be heading back to Sheffield and will need to find the best places to jog but I am sure I can find plenty of spaces.

It’s safe to say my Sweaty Betty Power Leggings gave me the confidence and power to get on my run and I was discussing with my friend earlier that when we look good we feel good about working out. It sounds really silly but it’s so true.

There is a Sweaty Betty Sale on until midnight tonight with an Extra 20% off the Sale Price head on over before it ends!!

Feeling the Power in my SB Leggings

Day 1 out of 31 is complete! 

I will be doing regular updates on here to let you know how I am getting on. If you do wish to donate please do and thanks to those who have already donated.

It is a truly amazing cause and from my 1st update on RED’s Facebook page I have received so many responses and signs of support. It’s a truly great event and I am proud to be a part of it.

If you haven’t already then please subscribe to my blog and be notified whenever I release a new post. I have some fun ones already scheduled mentioning my Goals for 2018 and many more so keep your eyes peeled.

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Thank you so much for reading,




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