The Student Stress Buster – Boxing

Happy Monday Everyone,

As we start a new week sometimes stress levels can get especially high looking at the week ahead but I am here to help give you some relief.

You may have seen that I am trying really hard to come up with some new content on my blog and it definitely is hard balancing my coursework and blog work. But hey, I’m doing it and I’m super proud of these 2 new series I am starting.

I have completed 2 instalments of ‘Offbeat Brunches‘ that you can check out:

I have previously written about how I tackle stress and remain calm and I thought I need to create a series all about different things you can do to relax. It is named ‘Student Stress Busters’ but of course anyone can use it but being a student myself in my 4th year, I deem myself a little bit of an expert in that field.

For many years I studied Choi Kwang Do, a South Korean self defence martial art. I have previously written about my experience and I know how stress relieving it is and ideal for students.

As soon as I found out that there was a Boxing Class here in Sheffield at our Student Hubs I knew I had to check out and tell you guys all about it.

A couple of weeks ago, myself, Hannah, Harriet and another course mate Jess went to try it out for the first time!

We were all super excited to try it out as we had been speaking about it together for a long time, I completely hyped it up as well knowing that we would be sparring with each other. As i’ve mentioned I used to do martial art twice a week and sparring was the perfect stress release.

I contacted Jav who runs the boxing class before to check if we could come and he said absolutely no problem.

Where is it? 

You will find this boxing class upstairs in the Sheffield Hallam Student Hubs, in the Common Room.

The Common Room is the perfect place for the class and there’s plenty of space to get some big classes going, the one we attended was fairly quiet but I would love to start making it more popular by telling you all about it.

JK Wellbeing – @bookitblogger

Who runs it? 

This class is run by Jav Khan also known as JK Wellbeing. He is extremely well trained and is an expert in his field with around 17 years experience competing and teaching within GB Boxing & Fitness. He is also well trained with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy not only offering boxing classes but counselling, coaching and staff development.


You can check out his website to learn more about his work:

When are the lessons? 

Lessons are every Thursday!

What is great about the classes is that there are two timings that you can choose from if you are 18+:

5:30pm and 6:30pm, so if you miss the first session you can still make the next one.

The 5:30 classes are for Females only and the 6:30 classes are for both Males & Females.

Jav also runs classes for those under 18 with timings of:

3:30pm and 4:30pm.

How much?

These classes cost £2.50 each or you can pay £9 for 4 sessions I would say try out the first session, you will no doubt love it and then you can block book your lessons in advance.

Our experience:

We attended the 5:30pm session and did a great warm up to get ourselves stretching including a game of cat + mouse.

We chatted with Jav and told him what we wanted to get from the session including how to defend ourselves if someone came to attack us. After over 10 years of studying a certain martial art when it came to Jav teaching us boxing techniques it definitely took me a while to work it into my muscle memory.

Learning how to move our feet and punch correctly felt great and then I got to go first sparring with Jav. It felt great learning different combinations and really relieving my stress onto the boxing mitts, then the girls had their turn and I got to take my anger out on the punchbags.

The Punchbags – @bookitblogger

We then ended our session by learning how to get out of several different grips including if somebody grabbed our wrists or tried to grab our necks.

These are valuable skills not only for women but for men as well, we all need to learn techniques in order to feel comfortable because you never know when you may need to use them. I feel like there is a strong emphasis on women as we are not necessarily as strong and it has definitely helped me so I feel like everyone should at least give boxing a try.

Jav made us all feel comfortable from myself who may be more experienced to even those who have never tried this kind of exercise before.

We will definitely be going again and I would love to start organising larger groups to boost the popularity of Jav’s class it deserves all of the attendance it can get!

I want to thank my lovely friends Harriet, Hannah & Jess for joining me on trying out this class and I know we all loved it.

I also want to thank you guys for reading this post and I would love to hear if you like this new series.

Do you have any suggestions on Stress Buster activities that you want to see me try as part of this series – leave them in the comments.

Check out my Facebook page ‘The Book it List‘ and my Twitter / Instagram @bookitblogger to submit your suggestions.

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Thank you so much for reading,



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