Offbeat Brunches: Birdhouse Tea Company – Sheffield

Happy Saturday Everyone,

As some of you may have seen I have started this new series on my blog called Offbeat Brunches and it is really helping me to discover some great new spots in Sheffield.

I am currently studying my final year here and it is starting to hit that crazy time of the year where we have quite a bit of work to do and sometimes we just need a breather for a couple of hours.

I made a new rule this week for when we sit down and have our brunch that we do not talk about any coursework and that we just relax.

We have previously been to two places that you can read about:

This week we headed to Birdhouse Tea Company and it was a lovely way to spend a Friday.

Birdhouse Tea Company has two places a Tea Kitchen and their Tea Bar & Kitchen.

We went to the Tea Bar & Kitchen and that is located on Sidney Street and it is actually located in a renovated cutlery-making factory.



The courtyard area is so cute, decorated in fairy lights and I can imagine in summertime it would be the perfect place to sit out soaking up the sunshine.


The Courtyard – @bookitblogger

You are welcomed in with a bright friendly atmosphere surrounded by all sorts of tea’s and yummy desserts.


The Welcoming Reception – @bookitblogger


Look at all those divine desserts – @bookitblogger


Look at all that tea! – @bookitblogger

We were seated upstairs that was equally as bright and welcoming and is completely my aesthetic. If I could envision what I want my future flat to look like it would be this, minus that large amount of tables…

The hanging flowers are exactly what I would want to do in my future home and are taken straight from the best bits you can find on Pinterest.


The Beautiful Hanging Flowers – @bookitblogger


Look at those tiny little trees! – @bookitblogger

We all sat together at the table right under the wonderful words on the wall ‘Birdhouse’ obviously I had to capture a picture of my friends because I’m so embarrassing. I told them to be all ‘candid‘ and ‘act natural‘ I think it turned out pretty well.


The Candid Shot – @bookitblogger

I think it looks like a wonderful advertising shot for Birdhouse if you ask me. Now when it came to choosing what I wanted I already knew what tea I was going to have. I had it back when I went to Hot Yoga over at R1SE and I really wanted to try it again.

The amazing thing about Birdhouse is that they make it all right here in Sheffield. Way back when Rebecca and Julie the lovely creators of Birdhouse learned all about the Japanese tea ceremonies, learn the craft and here they are today inspiring others to enjoy tea as much as they do.

I love all of the names are ‘proper Yorkshire‘ names such as Winter Gardens, Peak District and of course Full Monty!


The Tea Selection – @bookitblogger

The Catch up Tea:

We all ordered our food and drinks and when it arrived it is completely insta-worthy  and definitely has a feel of an exclusive tea experience.


Here comes the tea – @bookitblogger


The Insta Layout – @bookitblogger




The Tea Timer – @bookitblogger

The one thing I love the most apart from the wonderful transparent tea cup set is that they bring a little timer for you so you know when to take your little tea leaves out of the pot.


The Peace Garden Blend – @bookitblogger

I chose Peace Gardens: it is a lovely blend of Lavender + Chamomile, ideal when you just want to relax, it would be a perfect bedtime drink.


The Peace Gardens – @bookitblogger

Freya + Harriet chose Dressed Well: a fruity, refreshing blend of Raspberries, Peach and Hibiscus, great to wake you up and ready for the day.


The Dressed Well – @bookitblogger

Hannah chose the Red Velvet Latte: idyllically indulgent, basically putting our favourite things ‘cake’ and ‘coffee’ together in one beautiful drink.


The Red Velvet Latte – @bookitblogger

I also saw on their Instagram page their new ‘Brew Dunkers‘ a Yorkshire sounding treat that I knew we had to try and we all ordered their Custard Cream Brew Dunker. They are so yummy and surprisingly filling!


Look at that Brew Dunker! – @bookitblogger

We had such a lovely catch up and I felt utterly relaxed when I left. Now as I left I noticed a little sign for ‘International Pie Week‘, I had some friends visiting and was trying to source somewhere with vegan options that was close by as we had an event in the evening.


“I’ve only got pies for you” – @bookitblogger

Now because I enjoyed it so much we decided to head back there in the evening. If that isn’t a recommendation enough for you guys to go then check out our dinner!

The Dinner:

Alex, Andy, Ryan, Dan and I all headed over to Birdhouse for dinner before my flatmate’s event on my recommendation.

On arrival I saw the courtyard transformed at night and it looked even cuter than earlier!


The Courtyard at Night – @bookitblogger

We headed upstairs and I immediately wanted to try one of their ‘Tea Cocktails’ and we all made our orders.

I opted for the Pork, Apple and Black Pudding Pie and my friends got the Tomato, Mushroom and Sweet Potato Pie.


Proper Yorkshire Pie – @bookitblogger

The cocktail I got was Rhubarb + Custard using their very own tea blend and it was absolutely amazing!


Rhubarb + Custard Cocktail – @bookitblogger

Yet again, the service was absolutely amazing and I left full-bellied again ready for my friends event.

I could honestly not recommend Birdhouse enough, their tea is amazing. It is such a nice relaxing atmosphere and not only perfect for Breakfast, Lunch but even Dinner as well.

I would like to say that this is the top of the list on my Offbeat Brunches so far!

Head over to Birdhouse’s website and check them out for yourself, you can even order their tea online: 

I am definitely going to have to stop myself from going around the corner everyday for a cup of tea as although it is good value for money…I am a student and do need to restrict myself haha!

I would love to hear from you, what do you think of this post, let me know in the comments and like it so I know to keep carrying on these posts. Because honestly, I absolutely love doing them finding brand new places to recommend to you all.

If you aren’t already subscribe to be notified for when I release a new post as you can be told straight away. Check out my Instagram and Twitter @bookitblogger, for regular updates on where I’m going and for little hints of my upcoming posts.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Offbeat Brunches…

Thank you so much for reading,



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