Offbeat Brunches: Tabby Teas, Sheffield

Hello guys,

Little bit of a life update going on here, I have officially finished university and I am getting ready to move on home to York. I am gradually moving my things back home and it feels really strange yet exciting at the same time.

As I am moving back my lovely mum came up to visit me before I come back home and it was so lovely. It is always so nice being able to spend time just me and her as it is quite a rare occasion. She is definitely the kind of lady who does not think of herself first and take time to relax, so I love to be able to take her places and just have a girly time.

I have previously added three places to my ‘Offbeat Brunch’ list:

Now I pride myself on knowing some great places both back home and in Sheffield yet when it came to finding what to do with my mum.

When suddenly I realised there is a little place I have been meaning to go for a long time. That is, Tabby Teas!

Tabby Teas is Sheffield’s first ever cat cafe, located on Cemetery Road.


Tabby Teas – @bookitblogger


The Price List – @bookitblogger

You can see from the picture above that the prices are done in time sessions from half an hour to an hour and a half. The prices are so worth it, however if you are looking at going in for  weekend I would book in advance so you’re not sad that you can’t get in.

We ended up going for an hour session and as you will find out, we could definitely have stayed for longer.


The Entrance – @bookitblogger

As soon as you walk through the door you are welcomed by an endless flow of wonderful cats. We were first introduced by both a warm welcome and Olaf this gorgeous cat.


Olaf the welcome – @bookitblogger

There are a total of 10 cats at Tabby Teas who actually live at the cafe and are all rescue cats. Tabby Teas work with two local charities including Mill House Animal Sanctuary and Pet Samaritans. They help to make sure that any of the cats coming to live in the cafe are comfortable and they also recommend for anyone looking to adopt any cats to contact the two charities.

Of course we then noticed by the beautiful display of course that it was time to treat ourselves to some delicious coffee and cake.

The coffees are so cute especially with the added paw, I, of course had to take a picture.


The Coffees – @bookitblogger

I got the carrot cake.


The Carrot Cake – @bookitblogger

Mum got the coffee cake.


The Coffee Cake – @bookitblogger

The cakes were delicious and I just love all the details dotted around the place. You can see all the little details of how much attention is paid to these cats they are not just there as some sort of ‘tourist attraction’ they are so pampered it is like a cat spa in there.

My mum and I were in our element, taking breaks from our delicious coffee and cake making sure we see all of the cats. It is so true that being around animals can make your mood change completely. My mum was definitely in her element with two cats chilling out right next to her.


Mother of Cats – @bookitblogger

I had a little wander around and said hello to the likes of the extremely fluffy Prince, the lovely Tripod (named in such a way as she only has 3 legs).

The photogenic Vince made a move and made his bed in the sunshine right behind mum, he definitely has the right idea.

There were several cats who reminded me so much of my childhood, I have always grown up with 2 cats in my life starting off with Cleo and Smudge and then we had Timmy and Kevin. Prince resembled Smudge so much and amazingly Domino looked just like Timmy. Even down to their character trait of chewing up cardboard boxes, Timmy had to be put down last year so it was just like he was back with us.

An hour and a half definitely goes by so quickly and we could have stayed in there all day. I know now that it’s summer and we actually have sunshine, however sometimes you need a little break from the heat and what better way than to spend time with a bunch of cats in pure relaxation.

Tabby Teas is honestly one of the most unique offbeat brunches I have done and I absolutely loved every part of it. The ladies working there absolutely adore the cats and they are so well looked after. I could not recommend it enough to you all.

Head over to Tabby Tea’s website and check them out for yourself, go on get yourself booked and tell them I sent you: 

I am definitely going to have to take my mum back there as I think she is having withdrawal symptoms already…plus they gave us a loyalty card so it would be silly not to go back.

I would love to hear from you, what do you think of this post, let me know in the comments and like it so I know to keep carrying on these posts. Because honestly, I absolutely love doing them finding brand new places to recommend to you all.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next Offbeat Brunches…

Thank you so much for reading,



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