Hello everyone.

Welcome to The Book it List!

I’m so glad you decided to take time out of your day to visit this blog of mine. I created The Book it List to show you guys how you can make sure that those things you want to do in life are achievable. We all have our own ‘bucket lists’ and mine is literally full of places to travel to, that’s why I created this blog, to show you that if I can achieve this then so can you.

I study all about Tourism and Travel so there’s no wonder I’m obsessed it is my absolute passion and I hope this blog reflects that.

Those photos are from my trip to Scotland (Scotland’s hidden beauty) and travelling is one of the most relaxing and mind-opening things for me.

Whether it be travelling just down the road to somewhere local that you’ve never been to before or taking a long-haul flight to somewhere exotic I want to inspire you to get up and go. Anything is possible and if you’re having a bad day I hope that you can come to this blog and feel inspired.

I hope to not only write about travel but beauty + fitness too, all of these come under the category of making you feel better about yourself and helping you to relax. I’ve started doing Yoga and giving myself time to take care of my skin and I hope to share my experiences with you. I look forward to blogging about anything that makes me feel great and maybe even share some personal situations that can help you too.

I love my home city of York and wherever I go I like to reflect on my experiences whether that be writing a blog post, telling you all on Twitter/Instagram or just chatting with a friend over a coffee.

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Blogging is my happy place, and one of the things that makes me the happiest is when someone mentions how they read my posts and that they enjoy them. Let me know what you would like me to post & what you enjoy reading as I’m making it a goal of mine to keep going with this because I love every minute of it.

I hope to make this blog grow bigger and bigger and to make this little community a big one where we can share our experiences and complete our ‘Book it Lists’ together.


I am a very lucky girl that I have been dating my boyfriend for well over 3 years and he is an absolutely incredible photographer. I am blessed to have him as my travel/life ‘buddy’ and the majority of the pictures I have on my blog from my experiences are all taken by him.

Please go and check out his page over at: https://prbarker.myportfolio.com

Contact: you can reach me  by email at rhiannacoote96@gmail.com – I am always up for discussing advertising and collaborating opportunities.

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